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Welcome to Mamatari Accessories.

I made all these jewelries by myself. I sell all of them.
Please enjoy the picture and who knows you would be interested on it and bring it to your home 🙂
You may request the shape or color you like. Just let me know which one, i’ll try to make it for you as long as i have the color/beads color you want. Or if you have your own beads and you would like me to arrange it for you, i would be please.
If you like my jewelries, could you please tell your friend to look at my jewelries, so they will have the same chance like you to own these jewelries 🙂

If you like it and you want to buy these jewelries, or maybe you need more information about these jewelries please send me messages via facebook or email mamatari29@gmail.com. I’ll reply your message as soon as possible.

Payment can be done via bank transfer (account number will be told in the message) or cash. The Price is already stated in the pictures.

Good news is if you buy 3 jewelries at the same time, you’ll get 1 earrings as a bonus. If you buy 5 jewelries at the same time, you’ll get 1 bracelet as bonus.
(I will the decide the bonuses)

1. All these jewelries are handmade. All are made to order.
2. By now, i only receive order only in Italia area.
3. If you live in Genova, you can take the jewelries by yourself in my house or in place as we agreed. If you live outside Genova, I’ll send the jewelries using Poste Italiane. For other Europe area, I’ll inform you soon. Fees for sending the jewelries is excluding the price of the jewelries.
4. I’ll send/give the item after customer send me the money via bank transfer or cash

Thank you and Happy Shopping 🙂